Raw Voilà Create: Rustic Raw Bread

In regard to general raw bread making, I like recipes that are uncomplicated and versatile. Of course, there are times when I want something a bit elaborate, but for everyday dining I prefer to keep it simple. Countless ingredients can be used to create a raw bread. For a base, one could use ground nuts and seeds, leftover pulp strained from nut and seed milks, leftover pulp strained from juices (as demonstrated in my ‘Carrocumber Bread’ recipe here), sprouted grains such as rye or wheat, sprouted pseudograins such as buckwheat, etc. Depending on personal taste and how the bread will be enjoyed, it can be made savory, sour, sweet, spicy, herby, plain, or any combination of flavors.

I consider bread to be a comfort food, one of a few that I choose whenever a craving for cozy arises. The raw bread shown here is not only a basic staple but also a favorite, satisfying and reminiscent of a traditional whole-grain bread without being overly dense. I love using it to make raw almond butter sandwiches, especially while it’s still warm from the dehydrator. It wonderfully pairs with fruit spreads (as shown below with raw black mulberry jam) or sweeteners such as raw coconut nectar or yacon syrup. It’s also great eaten straight or alongside fresh fruit. And since the weather has now cooled, it will soon be dipped in various warmed raw soups. As you may tell by the pictures, I don’t always utilize a knife. There’s something special about breaking off a piece of freshly made bread and indulging.