’50s Style Strawberry Shake’

One of the healthiest milkshakes you can make!

1 cup raw Almond Milk
1 cup ripe strawberries (green tops left on), medium chopped and tightly packed
6 small dates (or 4 medium dates, or 2 very large dates), pitted
1/2 of a large bourbon vanilla bean, cut lengthwise and seeds scraped
1 tablespoon raw coconut butter

Using a high-speed blender, first blend together the almond milk, dates and vanilla bean seeds until creamy. Then add the chopped strawberries and coconut butter and blend again until the strawberries seeds have been completely incorporated. If you have a Vitamix or other type of powerful blender, the end result should be virtually seedless. Pour the mixture into a tall glass. Garnish the glass with a small strawberry. Serve!

A few tips…

The listed ingredients should roughly amount to 18 to 20 ounces of strawberry shake.

This shake isn’t overly sweet, however if your strawberries are quite tart, you may need to increase the amount of dates to help balance it out. And, of course, if your strawberries are pretty sweet, you can decrease the amount of dates. Keeping the shake ‘just sweet’ was my original intention, but it’s really going to come down to your individual preference.

The raw almond milk used for this recipe is a pre-sweetened blend. If you use plain almond milk, you may need to add a larger amount of dates to suite your taste.

Bourbon vanilla has a wonderful deep, dark flavor that at first seems mellow but then becomes more apparent as it lingers on the taste buds. It’s perfect for this recipe since the strawberries are the star characters and the vanilla plays a supporting role.

In the list of ingredients, I noted 1 tablespoon raw coconut butter. The coconut butter used in this recipe consists of puréed whole coconut, not to be confused with solidified coconut oil as the term ‘coconut butter’ had suggested in past years. Coconut butter is rather concentrated but does not give an oily aftertaste. It is actually reminiscent of creamy white chocolate, perfect for desserts or for enjoying straight.

In the list of ingredients, I noted 6 small dates (or 4 medium dates, or 2 very large dates), pitted. Six small dates is equal to about two tablespoons, as are four medium dates and two very large dates. I chose to freely list the dates to make it easier, but you can go with the tablespoon measurements if you prefer.

If your dates are not soft and pliable, you can soak them in a small amount pure water, just enough to cover the dates, for fifteen minutes or longer until they plump up enough for ease in blending. If you store your dates in the refrigerator, they will become stiff from the cold but will usually somewhat soften up after being left out at room temperature for a while. If they still seem hard, then definitely utilize the soak method.