Raw Voilà Spotlight: Nite-Nite Revisited

It is again the time of year when all things cozy come into play, and is also an excellent reason to indulge in a classic favorite, Nite-Nite. A soothing spice blend of cardamom, bourbon vanilla, ceylon cinnamon, freshly cracked black pepper, and clove paired with the mineral-rich creaminess of Brazil nut seems all too appropriate for sipping while nestled inside of a warm throw blanket, lulled into relaxation nearby a crackling fire. Originally created in 2008, this sentimental concoction has long since been a seasonal ritual, especially enjoyed when the trees are without leaves and darkness falls early. Whether served on its own or alongside a tasty morsel or two (or three), Nite-Nite is certainly deserving of a revisit (or two, or three).

Have you made it yet?

See the recipe via this link, and prepare for scrumptious serenity.