Raw Voilà Lifestyle: Pausing in Nature

Life is constant, and for many of us it is fairly demanding. In a world of productivity and deadlines, it certainly is all right to pause every now and again. Aside from prospective holidays and vacations, scheduling downtime is a must. Whether for only a few minutes, a few hours, or for an entire day, any space that can be created to unwind is important to overall well-being.

Grounding in nature is one of my favorite ways to reset and relax. Connecting with earth energy is healing and potent, not only for the body but also the intellect and spirit. We are meant to be out in nature, feeling the sun on our skin and taking in full, deep breaths. Walking barefoot in grass, dirt, sand or water, touching greenery, hugging a tree, smelling flowers, partaking in a woodland hike, or just simply lying on the ground and sky gazing are all great approaches to help recenter and recharge.

Occasionally trekking by oneself can also be therapeutic. We all need time with our own thoughts and to thoroughly tap into our inner self. I have a few special sites that I enjoy visiting alone, to clear my mind while enveloped in serenity and beauty, appreciating every meditative moment. Feeling my heart beating at each expansion of my lungs, letting go and becoming encompassed in presence does wonders for my psyche. I return to my regular settings invigorated and primed.

Whatever way in which you decide to take a pause, remember to nurture yourself.