Mission And Philosophy

Born out of a passion to share fondness for the culinary world, Raw Voilà comprises recipes and information pertaining to a raw plant-focused lifestyle. It is an enlightening, relaxed environment where everyone can feel comfortable, no matter their eating preference. Raw Voilà’s primary objective is to demonstrate that eating closer to nature can be pleasurable, extremely nutritious, and fantastic for one’s well-being.

Marcy Denise, Chef and Founder of Raw Voilà, offers education on how to incorporate fresh, whole foods into various styles of eating regimens, and has successfully guided many people in transitioning to a predominately raw diet. Having been immersed in a raw lifestyle for well over a decade, she shares original recipes suited to all skill levels and reveals insight gleaned from years of experience. Her innate enthusiasm for wellness is apparent in her approach to empowering all whom she encounters to take charge of their health. Marcy is the author and photographer behind all you see on RawVoilà.com.